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2012 The Ark Project - Survive the end of the World


2012 – The Ark


End of Our World?

I am an ex British Serviceman who has become concerned about disturbing prospects for the end of the year 2012. I would like to bring to your attention my observations and reasons for concern and let you draw your own conclusions. It appears to me that hardly anyone has combined these items under one heading and questioned their coincidence. Though many are concerned enough about any one of these headings. Also in the near future there is a glut of Hollywood films coming out regarding some of my concerns.


During the Cold War, or in the later years to be precise, I worked in intelligence analysis in Whitehall, London. Part of the intelligence process is threat assessment; of countries, political parties, groups and individuals, industrial activities, media events and reports from technical sources (electronic eavesdropping and satellites, reading classified material, decoding encrypted messages, plus other assets) and human intelligence (spies, field agents, overheard conversations, lost papers and clandestine photographs and ‘acquired’ material). In short any information from any source is assessed to see what effect it might have on an area of interest, or collectively identify a new interest for the security of the country. This process is 365/24/7, when worked well it prevents surprise and can be instrumental in containing or eradicating problems before they become public. This is a normal function of an effective modern government administration and defense for the country and it citizens.

When the source material is received and is read for the most part I would take consider it and put aside for future reference or attentions of a specialist. But if there is information that has an echo of something else you’ve read, then you start to investigate and perhaps discover other seemingly un-related information can take on a new perspective.

In recent times it is known that a number of clues were available that a major terrorist attack was being prepared for September 11th 2001, even names. If the information had been handled properly and correctly assessed and acted upon the attacks could have been prevented, or at least made less effective. Whilst that event was not prevented, it is clear that other threats have been thwarted since because of more effective intelligence and analysis.

That’s all well and good, and I am long out of such employment. But it’s like riding a bike, once you’ve done it your mind is still looking, still thinking and analyzing. Now, after several years of coming upon very similar dates and comments I have come to be very very concerned about our immediate future. Now I cannot at this time tell you exactly what will happen, why or how. But I can give you access to the information I have, so you can make your own judgment. Now remember, in Intelligence Analysis, one piece of information on its own, usually means nothing and you can do nothing with it. Remember also, the first pieces of information tend to be un-proven, possibly rumour, they only mean anything with corroboration against other information. Even then sometimes the best you can have is an ‘informed guess’. But when something starts to get repeated, either in essence or specifics then you need to start taking notice. If the information is coming from widely differing sources, then the intelligence and its veracity is much more credible. You have to start investigating and asking further questions, and it may be that something can be dine to prevent or reduce the damage of the threat you see emerging.

At the end of this blog is a list of source material that can be sourced online for quick reference. There are films, documentaries and printed literature on many aspects of this material, some going back hundreds, thousands of years. But in this instance the person who must make sense of it is You. Because – Time is about to run out!

December 21st, 2012 will be the last day we know.

The end of Man?

The end of the Earth?

The end of Time?

Here are the Prophecies, Scientific Forecasts and other material I know of. There is an awful lot more I have not included because an amount of it is too ridiculous or improvable. But the date seems very consistent regardless of source. But you must come to your own opinion.

Oh, by the way, your Government, wherever you are will not be acting upon this information, at least if they are it will not be for your benefit.

Mayan Prophecy

In the year 2012, After 9pm on Winters Solstice, December 21st. There will be no more time: no calendars, no days, nor years no future. That is the prediction of the Mayan Prophecy in brief.

It is the end of the fourth period of Man. There are a number of details within the prophecy that are worth reading, as they add detail and credibility to the interpretation and claims. No explanation is given for cause, and of course no concept of our use of time zones either, so 9pm could be any time of day within a 24 hour period potentially.

Solar Flare

Around the Winter Solstice of 2012, Solar observers and scientists are expecting the Sun will erupt a very large Solar Flare, as part of it’s eleven year cycle of activity. This time the flare is xpected to be the biggest in modern history, with the damage potential the equivalent of many nuclear weapons hitting the Earth at the same time. Causing much damage and destruction, by wiping out all electronic devices. Similar to the effect known as an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a nuclear bomb detonation.

Global Warming

It is widely discussed and accepted that Global Warming effects upon our Bio-Sphere are significant. Very few of us have not experienced at least one aspect or other of this phenomenon.

It will almost certainly have a radical effect upon the Earths climatic stability and weather phenomenon, very quickly – possibly even before the electrical problems start to show. Ever seen the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’? Of course no one really knows what effects will be felt.

It seems the only defense we might have is at best about 4 days warning that the plasma has been emitted from the Sun. Of course that is also down to whether we people of planet earth get told that such a cloud of plasma is heading our way and given guidance to prepare. Most likely our political masters will be struggling to understand divergent recommendations from their ‘paid experts’. Switching power grids off is one option, but isolating them in a way that will enable them to power up again afterwards?

Nubiri’s Approach

A planetary object of similar size to the Earth entered our Solar System several years ago, and whist known about and discussed in some circles it has not been announced to the public. This planetary object has a name, Nubiri. It has for some time been hidden by the passage of larger planets in our Solar system, but increasing amounts of information from amateur sources is coming into the public domain and being leaked from officials working with the information. It is forecast that Nubiri will become visible during daylight hours during 2011 as it approaches the Sun, and that it will pass very close or impact the Earth on December 21st, 2012.

If it impacts, then we will have a total loss of life and bio-systems on the Earth. Survival will not be possible.

But, it may pass us by and be a ‘near miss’. Even the gravitational influence of a near miss could achieve a very similar effect. The date time of December 21st, 2012 in the Earth’s orbit is known to be the most unstable period of the planets cycle, as the planet is due to have a natural correctional wobble about then. But a near miss is likely to cause freak tidal rips on the world oceans, shifts in the tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunami, possibly a shift in the earth’s magnetic poles, not to mention damage to the atmosphere and the ionosphere that shield Earth from the Suns harmful radiation.

Stonehenge, UK

This ancient site, like many ancient sites has its origins and purpose lost to time. But, they seem to mark the passage of time and celestial events. The summer equinox seems to be its focus for the way it appears to be orientated. But there is a growing interpretation that it’s main purpose is to record the Winter Solstice, maybe this is really a clock for Nubiri’s return? Especially with the henges relationship to death.

Global Warming

Up until 4 years ago world’s media: television, newspapers, radio routinely reported freak weather events as they happened as a matter of course. Major floods, storms and droughts were big news and carried popular public interest. Now, either we have become different people and have no interest in such events, or the media has seemingly turned a deaf ear to all but the events that they cannot avoid reporting. Which often tends to be what happens in the area that they are physically broadcasting to.

So when events such as the Amazon River dries up, glacier system that feeds the Ganges disappear, Australia has over 5 years drought, or floods in the north, wild fires sweep parts of; California, Australia, Greece and so on – are not reported. Why? Is there a secret instruction gone out to the media, telling them not to alarm the public? It sounds ‘conspiracy theory’ but either the media are acting as instructed or we have adopted a lethargy that is dangerously suicidal.

This premise has no dates or prophecy of when disaster will occur, but even the greatest cynic in our peoples can no longer deny that something is increasingly odd in the cycles and extremes of our planet weather and geological systems. The film ’Day after tomorrow’ suggested that as the ocean temperature off Newfoundland and similar events in other parts of the world happened, then increasingly freak events could and will occur. Trouble is no one knows how when and what the extremes these events could be. But we do know fast and extreme change has happened in the past – look at the Woolly Mammoths found flash frozen in Northern Russia, still chewing their last mouthful of food.

So this is an increasing certainty, and what remains to be discovered is the teeter point. When have things gone far enough for nature to take-over the ‘gas’ pedal and really accelerate the process?


It has been argued by others that the timing of film releases from Hollywood look like a public awareness arm of the US government. I do not know, but the timing of films being released in the next few months seems remarkable. It certainly looks like a message is being delivered, emphatically. Remember just because something is on film, doesn’t make it real or a certainty, nor the outcome inevitable - though the skills of the special effects artists are very convincing and compelling.

Sign of the Devil?

This is purely my interpretation. But is there a numerology point here?

Looking at the numbers involved in expressing the date a curious math seems apparent to me; 21/12/2012 or 12/21/2012 making perhaps

20 12 - 21 - 12

or 2 x (1+2) = 6, 2 x (2+1) = 6, lastly 2 x (1+2) = 6.

So does that come to 666?

666 the sign of the Devil that is said to become apparent at the end of time?

There is a certain symmetry to the date and time from the Gregorian Calendar, which may or may not be proven, but a curious possibility I think you will agree.

End of Days

Many religious groups of many cultures, this phrase has become increasingly familiar, These groups believe that we are coming to The End of Days. Essentially, that the end of everything we call planet Earth will cease. No reason why, nor exactly when – though there are plenty of dragons and demons and symbology in their prophesies. They are quite open and increasingly believe that we must prepare for the end.

General claims are that the last years will see increasing signs that all is not well. The Credit Crunch is one manifestation, but also natural tempest, flood, pestilence, plague (Swine Flu?) and disasters. There is also speculation about use of nuclear weapons in a war or terrorist attack as well.

I am not a religious man, though I was raised as a Christian. But religions, their theology and practices have been an interest or curiosity to me. The practices of one group, The Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints, or Mormons, have as part of their beliefs that at the end of time there will fall upon the earth great disaster and pestilence. That those who do not heed The Word and be re-born in Christ will perish.

A practicing Mormon has to make preparation for his family to enable them to survive this time to come. They have to set aside enough material to last until the world is born renewed, and I presume repopulate the world with worthy people.

My apologies to any Mormon reading this, if I have not expressed this as you would, but the essence of the above section is correct as far as the purposes here are concerned, and you may be correct in your beliefs.


If any scenario happened, our world would not recover easily, if at all. We are used to either seeing the news or living through localized disasters. I have been through major earthquakes, major flooding and freak storms too. There have been other events such as the Ice Storms, increasingly violent hurricanes, tornado’s and typhoons etc.

All of us suffer the effects of domestic loss of electrical power and utilities with increasing frequency. So are familiar with the inconvenience and limits it puts on how you live.

Recent times have brought the impact of life without petrol/oil/gas and mains water to all of us. Our modern societies can cope short term with localized outages. There are always others outside the area who can lend a hand when needed.

But, we can do so because these events are short in nature and limited in area. Our recent drives for efficiency in logistics’ and infrastructure means that there is no slack or surplus in the system. If today was the last day of mains utilities and deliveries to your local store, how long would you last? The shelves would be empty within 3 to 4 days. Gas/fuel stations empty within 7 days. Water would last little more than an hour after the pumping station was switched off – depending on dynamics of the local distribution.

At this moment in time, most of us could survive for 2 to 3 weeks on the food and water available if we were careful. Once this is all gone what are your survival prospects, ever stopped to consider? You can last 3 days without water (temperate zone) and 60 days without food. No time at all without clean air.

Even with little physical damage, within hours of such a total disaster the human cost will be measured in hundreds even without trying to factor a weather or physical impact of this event. People in ICU’s, on medical life-support equipment, pace-maker devices, undergoing surgery etc… Elderly, people in need of heat and warmth, people in flight, and other forms of transport will all be at risk of immediate loss of life.

Such a scenario as I have painted here has the potential of depopulating this planet by more than 95% in the first 12 months. It is anyone’s guess who would survive beyond then. Do you have much luck on the lottery?

The experts forecast that to get enough repairs to our power infrastructure in place to allow most of us to restore some mains utilities in a limited way would take 10 years starting from scratch – EMP effect.

All the above paints a frightening picture for sure. I have heard of a couple of other possible causes of the Mayan Prophecy that hold even more destructive prospects. At this point it really is down to your take on this. But for sure, there are an increasing number of people on this planet who feel that we are running out of time and are taking things seriously.

This is going to be an ‘extinction’ event. Whatever the cause, it will happen in the near future. Are you ready?

As Noah said before The Great Flood, when life was good and people lived a life of self indulgence ‘Do you want to survive’?

Wealth, social ability, looks will not guarantee your survival

Reference Material

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2012 Enigma by David Wilcox

Try Web searches for Solar Flares and 2012 predictions,

At least the releases are going to put the threat of 2012 very much in the conscience of people like never before. Maybe you have seen a film and that has brought you here. Welcome, might as well try to understand the veracity of the subject.

Beyond 2012

Prophecy and forecast. Scientific forecasts of course can only be as forward looking as they are directed. The more forward in time the less accurate the forecast. Even Climate Change or Global Warming, best guesses are given for no more than 100 years, 50 is pretty loose, 20 years close to the practical limits and 10 years might prove accurate – ish.

With prophecy, we have an unsettling prospect. Prophecies have always been in fairly good supply. But 2012 is a firewall, nothing much is forecast or spoken of beyond that date, though few prophecies are told with any sort of date or clear time frame. For prophesies beyond 2012, they seem different, like the life they speak of has a different tempo or intensity. You actually need to look pretty hard to find them too.

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Useful Links

Listed below are a collection of links to useful material for your own research, and some reading material. As with any intelligence work you have to do your own footwork and make your own judgments of what is nonsense and what is true.

Remember only you know what makes sense to you. There is no wrong action you can take. The only wrong action is inaction. Doing nothing at all.

The better informed you are the better your course of action should be.

The Mayan Prophecy of 2012 -,

WebBot forecasts

You Tube 2012 predictions

Scyblian Oracles – Book 4

Delphi Oracle

Forth coming film ‘High Definition’ by Columbia/Sony Pictures

Forthcoming film ‘2012 War of Souls’ by Columbia/Sony Pictures

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Forthcoming fim ‘2012 – World War III

Film ‘the Day after tomorrow’

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Nasa Long Range Solar Activity Forecast

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Do Web searches for Solar Flares,

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Edgar Cayce predictions

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2012 Enigma by David Wilcox

There are a number of Documentary programs around at the moment covering 2012, Maya Prophecies, and Nubiri etc… Keep an eye on the television schedules, though most are available on line if you look hard enough.

2012 the end book

There is quite literally thousands of sites relating to 2012, dealing with prophecy and scientific research. The above all have something to say. But who is right and what is nonsense only time will reveal. But look, you may see what I have not. the volume of material is growing at a phenomenal rate the most important may yet appear. I am confidant new and more cognoscente arguments will come forward.